Macros, midi assignment

Hello again,

My 3d question (and last for this day) is about Macros and midi assignment.
I’d like to control Macros and their parameters, and found how to assign in midi the Macros and their parameters but what I hear from them does not always seem convincing. So I have a doubt about my method. How do you do it?

Thanks a lot for your help.

What do you mean by the Macro parameters? As far as I know, you just right-click and learn MIDI assignment:
Then you have control over everything you assign the Macro to

By the Macro parameters, I mean the parameters which are includedmacro in this Macro.
In the example of this copy of screen, the macro called Glide is composed of Filter 1 and Modulation 15. I would like modify, separatly Filter 1, Modulation 15, and Macro Glide.

So wouldn’t you just MIDI map a control to the filter is you wanted to modulate the filter?

Yes it’s simpler, I didn’t consider the whole sound chain. Thanks.
The logic arrives slowly…