Macro to on/off for Effect

Forgive me, but I’m unable to find this anywhere in the forum or by using the synth.

I want a macro knob to turn on/off a particular effect if I twist it past 50%. I would want this to turn off an effect like, for example, an EQ.

Is there a way to do this mapping in Vital?

You wanna go to the “Matrix” and click on blank area for “Source”. Select which Macro you want to use. Then click on the blank area for “Destination”, select which effect you’re wanting to use. In this example, i’ve selected Macro 1 to control the Chorus Dry/Wet Mix. Then I adjusted the amount to be all the way to the right (100% wet). Now, in the Mod Remap area (LFO looking thing), re-shape it from the default linear ramp up to having the first 50% to be all of the way down, and the last 50% to be all of the way up. This results in having the dial anywhere to the left to have 0% chorus, and anywhere to the right to have 100% chorus.

I hope this helps, and I hope I wasn’t too confusing lol

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No that makes sense, but it doesn’t work for all effects, including the EQ.

As you can see, the EQ doesn’t have a mix knob. So that won’t work.

Ya I was thinking about that after I realized the EQ doesn’t have a mix knob. The work around would be to map each EQ parameter to the macro. Unless someone else has a cleaner way of doing this.

I don’t mapping each EQ param to macro knob would work either.

You can’t cause the EQ to stop filtering using the knobs on the EQ itself. The filter will still be on.

As long as the gains are set to 0, no boosting or cutting is happening. Unless you’re using the high/low pass filters, but you can pretty well bypass those too. That would be by maxing out the cutoff on the high cut, and fully reducing the cutoff on the low cut. Not perfect I know, but it’s the best solution that i can currently think of

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