M1 MacBook Pro - Crackles and Echoey Noise


I am running Vital on an M1 MacBook Pro in FL Studio in Rosetta mode. In a current project, I have ~6 Vital synths - none are particularly complex aside from one patch (a pad from the Pro presets) in which I am getting an echoey noise at the start of a looping bar. In a second patch (a fairly simple Reese bass) I am getting crackling. If I turn of Chorus it seems to make things better.

I know the levels are not too high, so I expect it may be CPU related. At this point in the project, there’s really only one shot drum samples aside from the Vitals.

That said, this is a new M1 Pro with 16 GB RAM. I’m not seeing huge CPU usage in Activity Monitor or in the CPU meter in the DAW (never above ~23). Am I expecting too much from my computer? Are six instances of Vital too much? Or is something else going on?

Thank you!

Set the over sampling on the presets to 1x