LV2 crashes on certain presets

Loading up the .lv2 in Carla and it reliably crashes completely when I load the FM Drum Circle preset.
It even takes down Carla as well which is particularly nasty and shouldn’t happen.

Will poke FalkTX about the Carla issue, but I hope you can have a look on your end as well of course.
Using Carla 2.3.0-alpha1

The standalone version seems to run fine. Have not tried the vst/vst3 yet.

Also happens on:

  • Growl Bass Sidechain
  • Special Glitch Thing
  • Strings Section

These presets also crash Qtractor and Ardour.

Can anyone confirm my findings?

Preferably we’d see lv2 builds on other platforms to confirm the performance of this format.
Seems very specific on these presets giving issues though. A proper diff between those patches by the developer might provide some better insight into why.

I’m seeing crashes with some presets using jalv.gtk too. While I have some local mods, I compiled a version off Robillard’s master branch and saw the same thing. Mainly SEGV and double free corruption. Oddly, I don’t see this on the standalone version, nor when loaded from QTractor.

Here’s an example cicada lead from the November forum patches causes lv2 Vital lv2 under jalv.gtk to crash with a seg fault when selected. I’m not sure how I’d go about debugging this. I do have the source to jalv, but we’re dealing with a hairy multi-threaded thing here.

What about those specific presets that I mentioned?

In my case only specifically those crash the lv2 plugin + hosts when selected.

These cause jalv.gtk + vital to crash immediately on selection. I wish there was some place to hook a debugger. I’m getting the feeling of a bad allocation (insufficient size or failure without checking the return result).

By the way, I was able to get the first to load once, but another attempt crashed. That looks like a buffer size error to me.

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