Loop sequence on Note ON (solved)

looking for a way to loop a sequence preset when i keep pressing a note ON, i have try to play with env’s and loop points, but sound always fade at a point , any idea ?


Have you tried looking at the LFO’s for this? They have a ‘Loop-Point’ and ‘Loop-Hold’ functionality which might work for you!

yes, as i said, i explore env and loop point ( you’re right, i don’t precise was about LFO’) but can’t find a way , example with preset named Float chords

Une réponse un peu stupide de ma part mais peut-être que la fonction smooth ou fade est activée sur le lfo ( knob smooth/fadein)

merci Yuli,
In fact forget the question…
was a MIDI keyboard issue i suppose, restart from scratch and works now :upside_down_face: