Looking for specific wavetables - cardboard cube, cookie jar, coleslaw bites

Hello -

New to Vital via a recommendation from youtube instructionals. Currently using the Free version. I’m looking for 3 specific wavetables they demonstrated - cardboard cube, cookie jar, coleslaw bites. I have searched the forums and have found nothing.

Are these wavetables available anywhere? Are they a part of a paid version?

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.

They might be part of the additional presets that comes with the pro version, do they mention if they are using a specific preset pack?

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I asked and he said he has a paid plan but thought those wavetables came standard.

It might be from some of the extra content packs that come with the pro version.

Apologies I’m also currently on the free version, someone else might be able to confirm which pack they are in

You can also check out the Vital Discord server, might be easier to find someone to check for you!

All the best

Thanks for your help so far!

No problem!

Can confirm they are all part of the Afro pack wavetables :slight_smile: