Logic Pro X crashes

When i open my project , only Vital opened??? And i can not open the project??? I just buy Pro Vital. I don’t understand what is the problem??

it’s fine here. is this one project, or all? and have you tried restarting your mac?

it was only start and first project. i restart my mac also, but it did not work.

so other projects are ok? you can always import that project into a new logic project…

Can i use vital at all in other projects?

try it. it’s working for me in every project… try something not for real, just to see if it works.

what version logic? & what OS are you running?

Hi, I got the same issue: Logic Pro X 10.3.3 crashes on my Mac OS X 10.11. El Capitan after installing the basic pack with content for free here. I guess the plugin only works with OS X 10.12 and higher versions. Nevertheless, how do I get this vital.component app out of my system? It seems to be a heavy bug, as a lot of other customers with other DAWs also have troubles like this. WTF?! Please help! Thanks!

Right I don’t support MacOS 10.11 and earlier. I’ve changed the installer so it’ll only let you install on 10.12 in the future.

You can go into /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components to delete the AU.

Hi. Thanks for your reply. Good to know. I just removed the software from my system and checked the Library folder, which contains the vital.component no more. I also made a system check and it depends on the vital.component one. Still having this issue, that Logic Pro X crashes and cannot be opened no more, but before definitely could! Any ideas?

Might be another plugin? If Vital isn’t on your computer then I don’t think there’s anyway for it to cause the issue.

Definitely not. It is the only plugin I downloaded today evening. At the afternoon I still could work with Logic Pro X. But now vital.component crashes my DAW. Sorry, but I am going to avoid your plugin(s) for the future. Just keep an eye on other user’s posts. They all seem to have troubleshooting!

You’re saying you removed Vital, so how would Vital still be causing your crash?