Logic Pro 10.7.8 Update not showing Vital

Hi everyone.

I updated to Logic Pro 10.7.8 and Vital doesn’t show up as a software instrument. It’s however recognized in the plugin manager…

It was driving me mad, I reinstalled several times and nothing happened… until I remembered I had a Time Machine backup with the previous 10.7.7 version… that worked!

I’m using version 1.5.5 btw. The AU plugin was showing up just fine in other DAWs like Ableton Live, so this is a compatibility issue specific to Logic Pro.

Please test this out @Tytel so you can see the problem I mentioned above!

Have you posted this also in the Logic Pro forum ?

No I haven’t. Since this problem is only happening to Vital, and all the other plugins I own are fine, I believe the problem is on this side of the pond.

Has anyone else run into the same problem?