Logic gates possible in a future update?

First off, I really do love Vital Matt, you’ve done a magnificent job with it.

Other than the much requested undo/redo option I’d be interested to see some kind of logic gate implementation.

for example - allow a signal (audio or modulation) once certain criteria have been met. It would be great for triggering events at the top end of a modulation curve and then stopping them once it drops back below a certain point in the curve.

Or on amplitude on sounds with slow attacks. Once it reaches a particular volume, trigger another event, like a modulator or an effect.

It shouldn’t be difficult to implement gates. I imagine they’d sit as an additional modulator with a slider to choose the threshold and then a positive/negative option for output over or output under the threshold. Then I guess you have an input and an output for signal source in and destination output to another oscillator or modulator.

If this is already in there somewhere, please tell me where! I’ve got a few ideas which would require it and the best I can manage is delays on envelopes etc… so far but then they’re time specific rather than content specific which would allow for less rigid controls over interesting modulations.


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good idea!

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