Lock Pitch bend range for MPE

Vital is great alone because it supports MPE. But I would like to have an option to set the pitch bend range globally. Either like U-He an option to lock a range, or maybe easier to have a setting to overwrite the pitch bend range globally. The default now is made for keyboard players. Any MPE controller player would prefer a much higher range. The MPE default would be 48…

There’s an ‘MPE Enabled’ setting in the Advanced panel. Make sure that’s on and that will set the pitch bend range to 48. I want to customize that setting at some point down the line.

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Is it not possible to set the pitch bend range to +/- 1 semitone when MPE is enabled? This is needed when MPE is used for polyphonic pitchbend tuning of microtonal scales.

Any news on this feature? I’d would greatly appreciate having this option because different MPE controllers have different settings.