Load preset as wavetable

I feel like this is a very specific but for some sound design folks a super convenient feature. Technically it should as well be simple to implement, this is how I would half-ass it:

  1. Save the current state as a temporary preset
  2. Load the desired preset
  3. Record the preset (either using the longest lfo or using a constant of how long the recording should be) and save it into a variable possibly a closure function that returns the variable
  4. Load the original preset and delete it, use the recorded wave

Yeah I know the solution comes from a person who has no idea how the actual data is stored or what happens on a preset load, so the solution in reality will 80% be different, but the idea of resampling presets I think could be fun!

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Something like this is partially implemented, you can right click once of the oscillators and it will resample the current preset into a wavetable