Linux Installing on Fedora

Hi folks.

Does anyone have any instructions on how to install the .zip (or an extracted .deb) onto a non-Debian based Linux distro such as Fedora? I’m keen to give it a try with Pipewire in Fedora 34!

Many thanks in advance,

First, you will need to add this repository, otherwise the plugin will fail to scan:

Then, download the .zip folder, extract it, and place the Vital.vst3 folder into your VST3 Folder.

Make sure that you download the list of presets from the page as well, and work offline, as online authentication is not working in Fedora as of right now.

Hey thanks. Next time I’m testing with Fedora I will give this a go. Still would be great to get an RPM or properly cross-distro .zip of Vital from the developer at some point.

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