[Linux] Bitwig Studio 4, plugin crashes sometimes closing plugin UI

Vital 1.0.8 in Bitwig 4.0.1, i tried various times cuz it happened me 100% when i tried the first 3 closes, after that it happened sometimes, and happens when playing or paused

Try logging out and working offline.


yep this doesnt happen when u log out from vital account, weirdd

I’ve been getting instant crashes in Reaper, using the Linux native Vital vst3i plugin, but Surge did this too. Here’s a reaper project I made that crashes instantly, at least with Reaper Linux.crash.zip (149.7 KB)

can’t say it’s Vital’s fault or Reaper’s fault but linux is the paganini of fiddly

the attached RPP seems to open in Reaper under WINE no problem (if you have the OpenGL string fixed that is)