Linear OSC frequency modulation

Hi, my first post here. As I am mostly involved in hardware modular synths my question is: Is there any way to have linear oscillator frequency modulation? I can see Tune and Transpose on modulation destinations list, but with that can’t achieve the right effect of linear and continuous frequency modulation - transpose is stepped and tune range is not enough. Let me know if I am missing something here or it could be a feature request.

Jakub Kostynowicz

If you link an LFO to the transpose it wont step. I’m not sure if that solves the issue though.

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Any modulators on the “transpose” function will be continous rather than locked to step-wise resolution, so I’m not sure what you’re exactly doing. The transpose function is step-wise (or octave-wise with correct modifier) when you adjust it manually because, well, that’s really the only usecase for it, as you have the tune for the precise tuning.

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Ok, thanks for answers, I tried it and my impression was that it is stepped and the range is limited so I am not going from audio frequencies to to single Hz territory, but I will definitely give it some more time.