Licensce model and use of more PCs


since I did not find any information about the license model I would like to know if I can install my Pro Version on a second PC and use it ( not simultan ) …


Given the base program (free tier) is practically everything minus the additional wavetables and factory presets, I wouldn’t have thought for it to be an issue as long you are the person logging in.

Out of curiosity, since I haven’t tried and I don’t feel like unplugging from the internet just to test it… will it work without an internet connection? The thing you know, might be pretty critical for its potential live use (yeah… not anytime soon for too many reasons, yet…)

I need to put this in the EULA but you can install and login on multiple computers as long as you’re the main user of that computer. I’ll probably put a harder limit at some point but it will be flexible (like >5 computers)

Right next to the GPL notice, I’m sure. :wink:

That’s only on linux. And I guess I would put the limit in the TOS since it’s on the service side.