LFO X Grid Amount Reset on GUI Close

Search doesn’t reveal if this has been reported yet but:

  1. Load Vital to the Init Patch
  2. Set an LFO X Grid to 16. (Or Y Grid)
  3. Close the Vital Gui
  4. Reopen the Vital GUI and the X Grid amount is set back to 8 even if the LFO has been used to modulate a parameter.

Confirmed on two systems using Cakewalk, Reaper, and FL Studio.

Win 10 version 20H2 19042.630. Everything 64 bit.


Right, good catch!


yes i am getting this behaviour too.

The same is present if you are going through your preset library, modmatrix, or fx sections, once the plugin is closed it defaults to the Voice screen.

What would be great would be a way of locking the grid for both x + y.
When working on a sequence using 12 x 16 grid for melodic sequencing it is a bit counter productive having to reset every time. What would be even better would be if this is relevant to each individual LFO tab. :metal:

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+1 (I’ve seen this now too)

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noticed this too, didn´t see it as a problem first, cause you can switch back to your setting.

but now you have to renember your settings yourself for every lfo, if you want to work on it later.

would be very nice if lfo grit settings would be saved into the presets!

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just saw the thread today…

yes, +1 on
mac os x mojave, logic pro X 10.5.1

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Still there, W10 Vital 1.0.5.

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Still there with 1.0.5 in FL Studio both VST 2 and 3, Cakewalk by Bandlab, Waveform 11, and Reaper. But oddly enough it is fixed in a long since abandoned DAW called Orion.

Win 10 64 bit. DAWs and plugin 64 bit.


Confirmed on Reaper x64, too.

When this bug will it be fixed, please ?

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Yes confirmed it’s still there in 1.0.8 but again oddly enough it works in Orion which was discontinued 5 years ago.

Confirmed, Windows 10 Pro, Cubase 11 Pro.

Every time the plugin window is backgrounded the grid settings are lost and set back to default - this IS really annoying!

But Vital isn’t. :smiley:

Is there any way to solve this issue?