LFO Sync Unsyncing

Hi guys, first of all thanks for this brilliant Synth and its my first time posting something that i notice in general but this synth i think it sould be at the top synths so let me explain what i found.
When i Sync an lfo at a tempo (for example 1/1) and i scroll the frequency it is uncynced unless i stop the track and start it again.
So if i want to control Lfo’s 1 tempo with Lfo 2 for example it will be uncynced.
This is because it doesn’t jump at a specific value but it accelerates like its on ‘seconds’ mode
And it doesnt jump at the tempo that’s its given.
So it’s never on beat 1 after some meters.
(But it could be a choice if someone wants to act this way and sync only if a key is pressed ! ! )
Don’t know if someone posted something like that or i’m doing something wrong. So i leave it here <3

yes, when you start with two synced lfos and you change the tempo of one by scrolling it gets out of sync. try to change the first lfo speed with second lfo, but with straight jumps like square wave. if you set the jump at 1/2 i think it works. every second beat synchronized? 1/4 every 4th. something like this.

for less “mechanical” effect try the lfo phase slider if you just want a short acceleration. it is synced again when put back to zero. (look reaaal close below the lfo window, left side)
tried this right now, and you can do nice rhythm with it.

let me know if this helps.

Maybe it is me. I do not understand how a LFO that you change by another LFO shall stay in sync.

You actually force it out of sync by the second LFO, because that is what you tell the Synth to do.

Lets assume you start your beat with 1/2 sync. The LFO will then be synced to 1/2 notes. Great. If you now setup a second LFO to change the speed of this LFO, it will automatically jump out of sync with the first slight change.

Hmm… I think the whole point of ‘sync’ is that the LFO would try to stay in sync with the tempo of the song as it was played from the beggining with that tempo. so when it’s on bar 1, 2 ,3 (if it’s been set at 1 bar) it will try to be at 1 in that specific point.
maybe like a quick acceleration when that specific time comes
or a quick jump when the frequency changes (even with square steps) and it knows that it will sound odd but maybe with a lot of ‘smooth’ on it would sound ok.

And now its the point that i shut my mouth cause i’m not a programmer and i know the hard programming part just saying. So i’ll only say what i notice.
So I try to expirement and say what it feels wrong for me with more clear words.
So… even when i have one lfo only and have it at 1/32 and i keep pushing the frequency tempo down to 1/16, 1/8, 1/2 , 1/1 (manually with a mouse)
it is going to be uncynced.
That Free Running mode is SUPER for more ambient style or without tempo parts in a song it’s not totally a problem, its good but not sync…
As i said i think sync is even hard forcing something to stay in tempo as it would play it from the start of the song with that value maybe)

***And Vcvr, the part with the steps i tried it and didnt work, its the first thing i had in mind i thought with straight jumps it would not do something odd.
Only i see is the Lfo 1 in a mode like this will force itself to stay in the beats it supposed to stay in the start.
(But again i say that this free mode is super cool for other things)

Okay, where do you get the sync from?

Is it external sync? What happens if you slow down the external frequency? Will the LFO follow?

Yes it stays in Sync.
I use Ableton. (Syncing with my daw)

works for me, i have set up 1 lfo for each channel with exact same settings. then doubling the speed of left channel lfo with 2 more lfo and get back to sync.

i think as soon as you change something manualy, the change has a little delay and you get out of sync.

Mmmm i was trying to undertand your example and the picture and couldn’t follow :frowning: its my fault that i can’t understand. and then i was trying to record something and didn’t know i could not upload xD
So my simplest thing that gets out of sync with your previous idea (and mine too) that was trying to upload now is:
-Lfo 1 to the ‘level’ of osc 1 (tempo 1/1) and sync mode, with the default lfo shape.
-Lfo 2 controlling the frequency of lfo 1 (tempo 1/1) and sync mode
-Then I splitted this lfo (lfo2) in two steps, the first until the middle is 0 (a line at the bottom) and the other half is a line on the top . Both straight lines. to make the jumps.
Results :
Well i supposed to see my my lfo 2 keep playing at every bar from the start (and yes it does, its synced)
The lfo1 on every bar (1/1) it doesn’t and it’s not all that i mean.
The bigger problem is that if you let a few time to play you’ll start to hear and see a scroll back on the start point of lfo 1 on every bar getting bigger and bigger.
And to make it clear if i press a note it will sync again from the start.
But i wanted to make a legato huge one playing at the background (like 40 bars length for example) and that’s how i heard that after a few bars was out of sync

it´s probably just a bit to complicated to imagine, second thing is that it´s hard for the ear / brain to figure out whats exactly is happening.

so i connected osc 1 volume to lfo 1 and set pan to one side. osc 2 volume to lfo 2, pan other side. both osc and lfo exact same settings.

connect lfo 3 to lfo 2 frequency, set lfo 3 freq to freeze. now you should have booth osc play in sync when key pressed, one osc at each stereo channel.

connect lfo 4 to lfo 3 speed.

use this on lfo 3 and 4.

then i recorded it to see on left/right channel what exactly is happening.

now in the example from my picture lfo 4 is telling lfo 3, to tell, lfo 2 to double speed up for four beats and then return to normal speed for for beats.:upside_down_face: