LFO starting at a random place for every note

Hi, Using version 1.07, I am making a Kick drum and have an LFO controlling the level which is set to 0 and then brought up and down with the LFO. The LFO is set to envelope and means the level should be non zero for a very short time. when I play the notes on the keyboard on vital every note is the same as indicated by the waveform display, however when the midi notes for the track play the waveform changes with every note played???

i wonder if it has anything to do with your midi note lengths. also have you tried the LFO in trigger mode? could it be that you’re having overlapping voices or are you working monophonic?

Originally i had the midi note lengths at 1/8, but the problem still occurs even if the note length is down to 1/32. I have it set up the be just monophonic with one voice. I have taken the LFO completely and it seems that even with just a basic sin wave, 0% randomisation, 1 voice, the overall envelope set to release after just 31ms it still does the same. consecutive notes are no the same, I believe it is due ti the previous not overlapping with the next note but cannot the next note to die soon enough???

If I tried the LFO on trigger mode it seems to be triggering several times for the same midi note