LFO Smooth, Delay

Idk if it is a bug, or just a feature not polished.
LFO Delay (and maybe smooth as well) should be either toggleable (imo), or change according to current timing (time or tempo), because right now it is in seconds no matter what. (this makes inconsistencies in different tempos across the patches when using delay and/or smooth)

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It’s not a bug nor unpolished feature necessarily - it’s more like a feature that hasn’t been implemented insofar. For smooth, timebases shouldn’t really matter at all. For delay… kind of, if that’s important to you, I guess. Luckily workarounds exist. Use another LFO modulator on “envelope”, then go for a square. Now you have your tempo-synced envelope that you can modulate the modulation depth of your initial LFO.

There might be some aberrant behavior with this implementation, but it’s a workaround until and if the delay feature can use a beat division timebase. Uses one LFO, but you have 6 of them anyway.

Totally forgot about that.
Love this community already.

There will be lots of things like this, where something can be implemented anyway even though it does not exist directly. For example there’s no “Filter FM”, but you can use LFO modulators on keytrack mode to achieve the same exact thing albeit with presumably a lower quality oscillator.

So when you think of “Damn, I wish I could do X”, you might be able to if you think of alternative ways to do it.