Lfo routing & selectable effects

Hi There

LFO Routing

what i mean by this is whatever pattern you draw in the lfo section i would like each point to be routable so i can either drag to the point or to the curve and have a modulation route move around the shape of the lfo

how i think this is achievable is by once a modulation parameter is added to a lfo point or curve you can right click it and either draw a path or a line in 360 degrees from that point to the destination

when a point is selected and a path is being created i feel that section should go black apart from the path and point you are drawing

for example if you used the macros for this you could essentially create all basses in one preset as you would have enough flexibility to travel the whole soundscape and be able to create all shapes

in the envelope section each part of the envelope is routable as you can drop a modulation parameter to each dail ADSR if each point added to the lfo has similar parameters and not a dail then being able to add this funchtion may be easy as the parameter may be available but the logic of being able to select a destination may need work

Selectable Effects

And in the effects section i love what effects we have but i would like the effects to be selectable out of what we have available for example

I would like to use sine fold or linear fold with soft clip or hard clip as i use wavefolding to make a ton of basses and still like to clip them after that so stacking 2 distortion would be awesome for this

Thank you to the team at vital audio you have created a masterpiece