LFO rate automation between straight and triplet

Is there a way to set a macro to the LFO rate after it is synced to the project (1/4,1/8,1/16,etc.) and automate in between straight and triplet, like in Massive or Serum? Or is the only way to automate the rate is with the LFO frequency after switching to triplet?

I’m afraid there isn’t, but I’m just a user, I could be wrong.

I would be very happy if there was a way to automate synced LFOs in a continuous way, like you can do in Zebra, having a “reference” frequency which is tempo locked, but which can get to not being tempo locked as you move some parameter… not that I don’t like the possibility of moving discreetly between divisions, I just wish I could do both things.

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you can choose bpm in the matrix (at global). it will change lfo speed even in a daw.

but it affect everything set to time division and probably little bit tricky to hit the time divisions right.

Just use Google for the formula (it’s different for Ms vs Hz), grab a calculator, and work out the answer based on your BPM.

There are ALSO websites that offer online MS and Hz calculators that will calculate this FOR you.

Where it really gets interesting is the tuplets. Most websites don’t offer calculators for those…

Maybe Vital should innovate and offer quintuplets & septuplets to its LFO rate options…!