LFO on voice transpose works incidental


I have a problem that the LFO on the voice transpose incidental works. I have a LFO with a trigger and 1/64 rate and sometimes the LFO works and sometimes the LFO doesn’t works.

Someone with the same problem here?

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I just tried it by copying the settings in your screenshot above and it seems to work fine here. Although I don’t know what LFO 1 is modulating other than Filter FX Cutoff. Perhaps your modulations are conflicting with each other.

I experienced the same thing on one patch i made. But when i started OBS to record the bug it disapeared. Strange.

Thank you both for the reply!

I had to switch to another ASIO driver (ASIO4ALL) to open the project in Cubase and the problem is gone now. Can it be a soundcard/ASIO problem? My external soundcard is a irig pro duo i/o.

To be sure i take a screenshot of the complete settings (also i change the screensize to 50% to make the screenshot)