LFO: Multiple point select and control

Admittedly a tough one to illustrate, but I’ll do my best.

I’m looking for a way to highlight multiple (any or all) points in an LFO shape (proper point or middle point for curves),
so I can move them all together. It would seem best that they are free to be at different values but still move at the same rate.

I’m also looking to be able to copy and paste sections of LFOs and move them elsewhere in the shape, or into other LFOs.

I’m a big fan of sequencing by shifting between LFO shapes in automation. It lets me get bars and bars worth of ideas into LFO shapes which get saved as presets, and in my opinion the synth sounds better when I sequence with the LFO stuff I do in mind! This extra control would really expedite a lot of the process!

I was going to make a picture to try to illustrate it, but it feels like I’ve written it up okay, lemme know if not!

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