LFO Modulation is missing?

Missing modulation on the LFO. You cant do that?


…probably it would be helpful if you could be a slighly more precise with your question ?

the LFO itself can be

  1. the source of tons of targets
    as well as
  2. be the target of other modulators…

for example for 1):
simply drag&drop a LFO to one of the desired targets
it is actually very intuitive, but if you are unsure how to do this,
there are tons of tutorial videos on YT…

Yes okay, sorry but i mean automation of the LFO the curves

Then you should have said LFO Curves. When your question is incorrectly worded you’ll not get the correct answer. It would have saved me some wasted time.

No you can’t automate the LFO curves.

Merry chrimas to you to