LFO Key Tracking, how to use


Re: Key Tracking mode Vital’s LFOs.

I’ve got it going a bit, but I’m sure I don’t know what I’m doing or what kind of interesting timbres this function might generate with the right settings. (Btw, timbre is pronounced /ˈtambər/, not timber. So many get this wrong, it makes them sound uninformed. Parenthetical pet peeve.)

Anyway, thanks in advance for any guidance on Key Tracking LFOs.

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LFO Key Tracking Tips

  • Key Tracking mode inside Vital allows you to change the speed / frequency of the LFO by playing lower or higher notes.

  • Another way you can achieve Key Tracking inside an LFO is by dragging the Note module to the LFO frequency.

  • A specific instance in which you may want to use this is to set the Key Tracked LFO to a filter’s cutoff to create Dubstep Wubs at different speeds.

  • Another instance you may use it for can be to bring more life or character to every key you press in a synth by setting the Key Tracked LFO to modulate different parameters.

  • You may experiment and find more ways it can be of use to you!

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your very helpful post.

I’ve looked for patches that include Key Tracked LFOs but can’t seem to find any so far. Most use the LFOs set to tempo, time or envelope mode.

I’ll keep working with this until I understand its practical use.

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And if you keytrack an lfo and modulate the phase of another keytracked lfo with it and finally modulate the phase of an oscillator, you are in multi operator pm (FM) synth land… So, it is a really powerful feature


Woah! That’s a really awesome tip!

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Thanks for that insight, Lokki. :slight_smile:

I recognize sound generating potential of the feature. I’ll try to implement what you described.