LFO fade-in after delay

Not sure if this is possible already and I just haven’t figured it out. The LFO has delay, which makes the LFO kick into gear a bit later - that’s cool but I wish I could fade it in too, for those sweet pitch vibrating pads that grows in intensity as the sustain is held.


Could you use an envelope or another LFO to modulate the effect of the first LFO?

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I’ve tried to modulate the LFO rate with another LFO but couldn’t, but maybe an envelope will do the trick!

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LFO Fade In -

I found this almost secret hidden feature a few days ago, but if you look at your LFO and see where it says “Smooth”, click on it and change it to “Fade In.” Let me know if this helps! @qub1t’s way using an Envelope is way more customizable though!

Extra -

Also another random setting that might be hard to find is if you look at the bottom of the synth where it says “Spread”, you can click on it and change it to Rotate.


Genius! Thanks a lot, seems like Vital’s got quite a few of these “hidden features” - pretty exciting.