LFO Expandable Edit Screen

Vital’s LFO’s are great, but I sometimes find it difficult to create LFO points.

I’d like an expanded screen for the LFOs. In Surge Synth and Omnisphere there are larger editor windows for Multi Segment Envelope Generators and OS also has a similar larger window. While called “envelopes” in those instruments they function in similar ways to Vital’s LFOs.

What I see is a “button” on the LFO which, when clicked, opens the hypothetical “Editor window.” That window would make it easier to edit complex LFO shapes.

Perhaps this is for a version well in the future, but I think it would be a nice improvement to editing Vital’s LFOs.

Thanks for Vital. It’s a pleasure to work with.


Yeah! Like the wavetable editor. It’ll then be easier to create LFOs with more accuracy, and more steps.


I agree , but I would prioritise cut and paste of all oscillator and LFO settings before designing a pop out expanded LFO editor window.