LFO as oscillator experiment (preset)

I wanted to see what would happen if i drew a flat DC line on an oscillator and ring modulate the volume with an LFO and modulate the phase of that LFO whose phase is successively modualted by other LFOs. It worked after I disabled the DC Offset fixer option.

LFO as Oscillator.vital (173.8 KB)


I tried this once, it works but it’s not bandlimited. I guess if you want the aliasing as an effect it might be useful. Beyond that I sadly couldn’t find much use for it


it’s pretty random as is. i was going for something nasty. the way the LFO is drawn was just by chance very choppy and i left it that way because when playing chords, they interleave in a way that created strange almost polyrhythmic patterns. i think i inverted the keytracking in one of the phase LFOs. of course it can be run through a filter but i wanted to see what was possible just with raw values. a long release on the main adsr works too. as for usefulness, that’s another story.

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