Legato produces clicks when Am Env is > 0, bypassing the filter

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already noticed this with Vital 1.5.1 but now tried again and the problem persists even in 1.5.5. I think with Vital 1.0.7 this problem did not occur.

I noticed the issue in other patches, but created a very simple one to narrow down the problem:
Vital 1.5.1 Bug.vital (1.6 MB)

It’s a very basic bass legato patch. If you stop playing one note and just at the right time start the new one, I’ll get some very nasty clicks that even completely bypass the filter. Firstly, it’s weird to get those clicks (they are gone once you switch legato off), but more weird is the fact that they seem to come -after- the filter in the signal path.

UPDATE: Thanks to @SlavaCat , we think what is causing the issue is the ENV 1 Delay and the legato mode. If Delay is set to 0, the issue disappears.

This is how the spectrum usually looks:

Here is a click:

Here you can see the patch. Really basic, no modulation at all, but a filter.

Can anyone reproduce this?

I’m getting the same issue with the preset you provided; however, I did build up an identical preset and am not getting any kind of issue:
bruh.vital (245.4 KB)

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@SlavaCat : Thanks for trying this out!

Now that’s weird. If I load your preset, there’s no issue either.
I now created a new preset from scratch and issue is gone, too.

So It looks like this was an issue of an earlier vital release (probably 1.5.1) which got persisted into the preset itself?

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Found it!

I diffed the files and the env_1_delay was the only thing off that seemed like it could have some consequence. Setting the delay to 0 on the bugged patch you uploaded fixed it, strange.

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Oh wow, thanks for looking into it so deeply and taking that time. I wasn’t aware that the patches are just .json files - because they were so big and obviously had embedded data. That’s nice to know!

Nevertheless, I still wonder if this is a bug in Vital, because introducing a little bit of delay in the (amp) envelope still shouldn’t cause such clicks?
But it all makes more sense to me now. The amp envelope comes after the filter I assume. Having a delay there seems to cause a weird interaction with the legato mode.

FYI, I found this problem originally in another patch (by Venus Theory):

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You might want to open a more specific bug report then so the problem can be adressed.

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I have updated this post (title + description).

@Tytel : For your information, I think we could now narrow down the source of this bug, thanks to @SlavaCat !

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