Learning the ropes, creating a Ferry Corsten / Gouryella bass

Hi All!

New to this forum and new to vital. To get a good grip on Vital I figured it was a good idea to try to re-create some sounds that I like. So I decided to re-create the bass in Gouryella. Not as easy as it seems but I’m really learning to understand the synth and all the different functions.

Got this pattern:
|| empty | C2 | C2 | C2 || empty | C2 | C2 | C2 || etc…
With the first note a lowish velocity, the second a bit higher and the third a bit higher too.

Using 1 osc. with a saw from the basic shapes. Envelope with a bit of decay and attack, sustain and release very low and or off.

Key velocity linked to the cut-off of the filter and an envelope linked to the resonance of the same filter. This gives a similar feel, but is by far not there yet. Missing the bubby sound.

This is the preset I have so far.

This is the original:

Would love to hear some ideas or tips to get closer to this sound.