Learning Synthesis from Vital

Hi, anyone knows how to learn sound synthesis by using Vital? :woman_cartwheeling:

maybe examine some presets you like, how they are made.

or watch some tutorials.

problem is you can do sooo many things with vital:upside_down_face:

Learning sound synthesis requires some basic understanding of what a synth does, and how a synth works, what do the terms surrounding synths mean, and all the basic knowledges revolving around sound designing. Only once one has this knowledge, repeating, only once one has the basic understanding, one can really understand how a sound was made just by looking at the parameters of a synth, no matter which synth it is.

So, you could learn sound synthesis by just experimenting with the synth, or following along with learning content that tells you real stuff about synth, and not just "How to make this cool sound in 1 minute, 2 minute and stuff’. I hate that stuff. always knowing the basics is good

So, this guy has amazing videos on sound synthesis… Here’s a link to one of his playlists:-

He starts from the basics to telling how to design a particular kind of sound. explains each parameter.
He uses Serum sometimes, Vital sometimes (in his newer videos)… but even in his Serum videos you can easily follow along, since Vital has a lot of capabilities that the paid Serum has, and also coz he explains so well that u’ll easily understand where to use what, etc… he takes his time to explain, doesnt like to rush through…

And then there are other guys who post detailed tutorials, they’re amazing too…
Just follow along while they are explaining - u’ll learn a lot from that.

A lot of learning can be done by experimenting ourselves. And then there is this community!
So, all the best!


For the fundamentals, you can start here:

Once you understand all of that, here’s a good series to learn Vital:

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