Learn MIDI Assignment not working on CC Message 32

Very random issue
I am using a Nektar Panorama P6 and for whatever reason, when i try to right click-> Learn MIDI Assignment in standalone, hosted in Minihost Modular or hosted in FL Studio it just does not learn the midi assignment when i turn the top left encoder (above the fader) on this daw controller.

All the other faders and encoders work fine, just this one not linking.
It works fine with other synths, and it works when i use the Last Tweaked -> Link to controller option in FL Studio

MIDI OX debug also reports the encoder fine:

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tried it and learn doesn´t accept cc32 in standalone.

probably reserved for someting else. should be possible to change the cc in controller interface or with MIDI :ox::ox::ox::ox::ox::ox::ox::ox:

Isn’t cc32 the lsb of bank change? cc33 would be bit 8 to 14 of modwheel etc…

Yes, you are right @lokki … however it is still strange, that it is not interpreted, cause actually this is just a best practice. Or maybe it is transmitted, but just omitted by Vital as it does not support bank changes or has reserved it?

However I wonder why they actually put the bank change CC on a knob as default.


I just got a Korg Nanokontrol for mixing and additional modulation of parameters. The first slider on the mini desk is set to midi 32 and not being able to use it in vital is very frustrating.