Latest versions on GitHub?

First, I’d just like to say that in the short time I’ve used this, it seems like an amazing synth. Nice work, and thanks for the free, OSS synth!

I generally prefer to build software from source of not available from apt repos (I’m using Ubuntu). My DAW (Ardour) and all my plugins are built from source. While I trust the binaries provided online, these kinds of downloads are often targeted. Plus, I always like the ability to peek into the source code. I was able to build Vital from source fairly easily using the code on GitHub, but only the standalone and LV2 versions. The VST versions seem to be lacking the VST2 SDK. Even for VST3, it looks like it needs the VST2 headers. While the standalone version works great, the LV2 version freezes when I try to open the GUI in Ardour.

It looks like this is a problem with the version in question (v1.0.6 according to the source), which is a bit out of date. I was wondering if there are plans to release the source for newer versions?

EDIT: The crashing bug is addressed in GitHub issue #7 (I can’t put anymore links in), but still: are there plans to release newer versions on GH?

Thanks again for the awesome synth!


I’m using the latest version of Ubuntu (21.04). This one has Ardour 6.6 in the repositories. I also bought the Pro version of Vital (after trying the free one for some time) from here
The latest version of Vital is 1.08, which works with Ubuntu’s Ardour 6.6 in all formats (lv2, vst2 and vst3), although there are some problems with the vst3 version regarding the appearance and resizing of the window.


Ubuntu’s Ardour 6.6 has some nasty bugs. For example If I try to duplicate a region (Shift+D) Ardour very often freezes and I have to force close the application and restart it to continue my project. This is very annoying and happens only with Vital.

SO …

I bought Ardour 6.7 from the official site, which has resolved many of the bugs the previous version had. This latest version of Ardour cannot see Vital at all. This is because Vital uses dynamical linking with some libraries of Ubuntu, like which probably conflicts with the precompiled binaries of the official Ardour 6.7 Now I have to wait for the next version of Vital also (Matt is already aware of the issue), so I can hopefully work properly with the latest , official version of Ardour.

I would suggest you to download Vital 1.08 from since there seem to be no progress in GitHub for several months now. If you have Ardour 6.7 built from source, which means it is linked directly with the libraries come with your distribution, chances are that Vital will work, and at the same time, you won’t have the freezes problems I have with Ardour 6.6

Let me know If you made it…

Thanks for the advice! The latest version of Ardour on the Ubuntu repos I’m using is 4 something, so I’m definitely not using that. Couldn’t get it to launch anyway…

I managed to build Vital using this repo, which fixed the deadlock bug. Thanks for the tip about Ardour 6.7, though, I’ll be sure to check before I upgrade.

Try building Ardour 6.7 following the instructions here
I’m almost certain it will be able to see Vital 1.08 downloaded from without problems. Don’t use the *.deb version of vital, (since you have an older version of Ubuntu, you might not be able to get it installed) but the more generic linux zip. The version in the site you showed me, is outdated and based on vital 1.06. Matt has made a lot of improvements since.

Thus you ll get the best of both worlds …