Latch toggle would be great!

A latch feature would be a good addition; for me so far [just got and am enjoying Vital] it is the glaring missing feature so far. A latch feature allows one to create an infinitely sustained note, timbre, or chord and alter it over time. Quite important to me, I use a lot. [=A little like Frippertronics]

There are a couple threads mentioning latch absence in Vital. They mention it is common in arpeggiatorrs, but this is not their only use! One user suggests latch isn’t needed here and is better done with a DAW or midi keyboard but In my experience latch is an option within specific synths, not DAWs and midi keyboards. Specifically, none of my straight midi keybioards have a latch function, only some of my synths which output audio but can output midi. My DAW, Ableton, has no latch function I know of, and not finding any there googling today. Like I say, I am kind of aware of latch functions since I use them a lot, and in my palette, they are mostly toggle buttons in software synths.

Update: While it does seem Ableton has no latch feature [probably some of its arpeggiators etc have], there is a max4live install giving this feature, thus giving me the latch feature for Vital. But, even for Ableton not all versions have max4live, I still think this would be a good addition, though I personally no longer need! [Assuming Note Hold works as it should]


where would such a button be ideally located on the main page?

Next to the software keypboard is most common and helpful. It is sometimes indicated with an infinity sign.

That max4live plugin will probably serve, but is less robust than I like and seems to release notes from latch as soon as a couple more notes are played.

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it would be nice to have in the standalone too, for generative messing around. but this has been requested before.

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