Latch mode on virtual keyboard?

for creating drones and generative stuff, since Vital doesn’t generate notes itself, would it be useful to have a key latch mode that holds down keys?

3 examples of other software that has it:
Vsthost by Herman Seib has a mode that if you right click a key (or several keys), then that key stays held down so you can create drones etc until you right click it again.
Surge has recently added that feature to their standalone but with a latch button.
Quanta by audio damage also seems to have a latch button.

sorry if this has been asked already, or if the feature already exists, still a noob here.

What do you all think?

If your using standalone, you can use the computer keyboard to play the notes and then just click off the application, they will still be playing and you can keep working on the patch. This isn’t an official latch key by any means, just a workaround

neat tip thanks
as weird as it sounds, i don’t have a midi controller so i probably would have a hard time setting up chords. also with polyphonics, you can get cool modulations if you stagger the notes in time.

Cool idea! I think it’d be helpful for sure. I’m usually in the daw so I’ll loop a long midi note but for standalone vital I think that would help a lot with those kind of drones/generative/sequence patches