KVR One Synth Challenge

Vital has been chosen for KVR One Synth Challenge, a monthly competition to create a song with just one single synth as soundsource.


I’m totally gonna enter this!

Wait am i allowed to use sausage fattener for the kicks or naw? xD

In the forum of this month’s edition it’s stated, that commercial plugins are allowed this month. Normally it’s just free plug ins. So sausage fattener might be alllowed, if it doesn’t alter the sound to drastically.

cool beans, i guess i can then, im just making the kicks a little more BEEFY :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you gonna enter in?

I’ve been following OSC for some time passively, but I’ve never yet come up with anything worthwhile. But I saw you’ve been active over there.:wink:
But who knows, there is still time and vacation coming up…

Do it broooo :smiley: It’d be cool if you did but no pressure.

Yay, I did it, almost in the last second…