Kurwa! Free Soundbank from OWL

Hi, I want to share with You my new and first ever soundbank. Its of course free to download.

Download link in description:


thanks for sharing.



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@owlmusicproducer good stuff my friend :heart:

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look that your bank has 2 points before the word vital (…Vital) … in this way the bank is unreadable even if I then correct the name with a single point … you did it with the file …mp3 too! !!..why?


I was looking for kurva but you marked it as Qrva! … it also works with 2 points! …

Because I have it in my alias and honestly I double checked both sound bank and mp3 and everything works fine. What is your issue then? Just extra “.” in title?

sorry, I solved … I was expecting the name of the bank as Kurwa and I couldn’t find it because you put the name Qrwa … I was looking for the letter k … and then I saw that the extension of the files had 2 points and I thought it was for what did not load … instead everything works !!! sorry sorry again thanks

…I have many banks…

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