Krell patch • LFO Tables

Is anyone here familiar w this video?

I am wanting to do what he did but w Vital instead of Phase Plant. He is using the LFO Tables Phase Plant offers, but Vital does not have LFO tables. I’m not sure if they could be made…

Could someone help me w this?

Thank you.

You can’t with Vital. I think you can try to simulate it to some extent by setting up modulation transformers and blending between two transformers of the same source … but I think it will end up with unsatisfactory results.

One final word: The patch of Mr. Glitch has nothing to do with what BeBe & Charles Baron did for the Soundtrack of Forbidden Planet, i.e. the real thing Krell Music. I wouldn’t dare to call it Krell Music if I were him. It’s an undercomplex travesty …

found this old thing

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