Knobs reset to default values in VST3 version

Load any preset and click on a knob label or the knob itself in the Envelope section. The knob jumps to the default value or some other value (I can’t figure out, the behavior is strange). The same happens in the LFO section and might be in other places. The bug is in the VST3 version only (Catalina, Live 11). AudioUnit and Standalone are ok.

Finally, I’d like to note that with the way knob readouts are implemented (you have to click and unintentionally drag the knob/label to get its readout) it’s really easy to mess up the value you have meticulously tweaked. Bad UX. There should be a better way, mouseover maybe or holding down a modifier key

Right click on the control and see if you accidentally hooked up MIDI learn. There would be a ‘Clear midi learn’ option

Hi, thanks for getting back.
I believe MIDI Learn is not hooked up. The context menu on the knob says “Learn MIDI Assignment” so I assume there’s no assignment to clear