Keyboard Shortcuts in Vital?

Are there keyboard shortcuts avaliable in Vital? Specifically, are there shortcuts to navigate between presets?


with the open preset browser
the cursor keys will up/down/next/previous presets

Good question. Indeed with the cursors you can go up and down the presets list. But it scrolls out of view. It would be nice if the selection would always be visible. Also, a shortcut would be very comfortable. This also applies to browsing wavetables.

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as of scrolling the wavetables, there is some “interesting” behaviour
at least in the mac-AU version within logic:

with the wavetable browser open, scrolling through wavetables with the cursor keys is nearly instant
whereas clicking the greater/minor icons in the wavetable titlebar
takes nearly 2 seconds (aka a lot slower)

I noticed that, when you use the computer keyboard instead of a paino keyboard to check the sounds, the X key will move everything one actave UP.
see ya, G

on the mac, for example in logic,
this (x = octave up, y = octace down) is default behaviour of logic’s virtual keyboard
ditto iirc in hostingAU
afaik this has nothing to do with vital

Hi Muki,
thanks for your reply.
I use VITAL as a stand alone synth, without a DAW, and I don’t even have logic installed.
I noticed:
X= octave up / Z = octave down.
I’m wondering if a full list of shortcuts would exist?

dee ya.