Keep the preset order after duplicate

Hi everyone,

I have an issue that I think would be awesome if it would be fixed in the next versions of the Synth.

In a lot of cases, there is a part in my workflow when I’m looking for inspiration and just rolling the presets. When I find something interesting I’m keeping it and duplicate the channel with the synth and all of the fx chain on it, and rolling forward to find some others too. But every time when I duplicate the channel, the synth forgets where I was in the preset browser, and starts it again from the beginning of the list. This is also true for the samples in the sampler.

Is there any possibility to implement this in the next update? :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

i think you should report this in #bugs instead, but i agree its annoying and it should be fixed, but it would probably incrase memory usage, i dont even know how it can be done, i mean saving index wouldnt work since you can add or delete presets meanwhile

Do you mean the new duplicated instance of vital does this?
Or you duplicate and return to the “same vital” and continue your scrolling?

The duplicated one. The original still works fine after the duplication process.

I took the advice form #XewvinXpl and reposted the topic in the #bugs.