Keep or delete .vitalbank files after import?

I am little confused: I have some Vital preset packs in .vitalbank “format”. And when I import them inside Vital, I see there is now .vitalbank version and also a new folder with all the individual presets from the .vitalbank. So can I delete the .vitalbank version? Or do I need to keep .vitalbank also?

If I undnerstand correct; the .vitalbank version is not shown inside Vital (so it is needed to import and that makes automatically the folder including all the presets from the .vitalbank and Vital sees this folder)?

I tried to look some tutorial videos, but didn’t see info about this. Sorry if this is too obvious thing :flushed:

You can just delete it

vitalbank is really just a zip file. So after importing you can delete it.

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