Keep Crashing... (1.0.8 win)

System: Windows 10 Professional 21H1 19043.1466
DAW: FL Studio 20.9.2748
Vital Version: 1.0.8

My Vital crashes every time when I click the menu button (both Standalone & VST) and when I close the VST window in FL Studio. All these happened after I subscribed Vital. It’s really annoying, for Vital is implemented in some of my current projects. I uninstalled and reinstalled Vital for a couple of times, but that doesn’t take effect at all.

Is there anyway to solve the crashing problem? Many thanks.

Try logging out and working offline

That would have been my advice but how do you log out when:

“Vital crashes every time when I click the menu button (both Standalone & VST)”

We need to open the menu to log out/in.

Maybe log out from your account at Vital Audio dot com? I’m not sure if that affects the login status of the plugin itself.

And now I deleted everything in AppData/Roaming/vital and Documents/Vital hoping to erase local user data, but when I open Vital again (standalone), it just show the sign-in panel and crash directly.
I then tried opening an old FL project with Vital channels inside … CRASH. I really don’t know what else I could do.

To work off line, edit Vital.config (on Linux. Don’t know if it is the same in windows) and change ‘“work_offline”:false’ to true. Make sure all vital windows (and projects with vital plugins) are closed though. Then launch Vital and see if it improves.

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I reverted the backup of AppData/roaming/vital.config and set the “work_offline” key to true. Great, I can use Vital offline without crash now. Thanks.
But when I tried to sign-in my account, as the panel pops up, it crashes as usual. Okay, so downloading those online contents is impossible for me now. Though creating my own sound is not some difficult things for me, but hmm, I really hope this could be fixed in the new version.

So everything was working fine until you updated to the subscription version?

Vital works fine offline so it’s not a hardware or DAW issue. It doesn’t seem like a version issue or more people would be reporting.

Sounds like it’s an account issue. Something is going wrong as Vital attempts to connect.

Can you login to your account at the Vital Audio site? Could it be you have two different account address?

I would contact Matt and see if he can sort it out…

Yes, before I upgraded to subscription everything’s okay when working offline, and when I signed in for the first time after subscription, it’s all fine. And I’ve got only one account, with no problem logging in at the website via browser.
Looks like I shall send an email as well. Anyway, thx.