Just installed Vital. GUI is completely messed up

As the title states, I downloaded Vital a few days ago. I have tried reinstalling and reopening Vital several times, and I can not get it to open right. Below is a screenshot I grabbed of what it looks like when I launch Vital. Any help would be appreciated.

What operating system ? What DAW ? Which version of the plugin VST 2 or VST 3 ? The more information you give the better the chances you’ll find a solution.

It looks like you might be using FL Studio. If so try turning off any Scaling in System Settings/General Settings. Also try using the VST 2 version instead of the VST 3 version.

If you are on Windows, make sure your monitor’s scaling is at 100%, not greater. This broken UI is a bug in Helm as well.

Yep, that’s the problem @balala @wubwafflesmusic. I’m on a 4K with the scaling at 225% so I can see FL from across the room. I have the same view as @wubwafflesmusic. I need a fix too :frowning:

@balala that fixed the problem for me, many thanks!
For context, I am working on a 4k screen, with windows scaling set to 175%. Within FL Studio I set:
‘Main GUI Scaling’ to System
‘Pop-ups scaling’ to Main
‘Toolbar scaling’ to Main

This should be fixed in the latest at https://account.vital.audio - version 1.0.4