Just for your information about the new version of vital

The earlier version of Vital won’t opening even my daw getting crashed “Vital has been stopped working” error.
Old version works fine.

Sorry what do you mean? The new version isn’t working and the old one does?
Does the standalone new version work okay?
Have you tried re-installing the new version as well?
Also try uninstalling the old version (you can save the installer to put it back though) and only having the new version installed, does it still crash?

Just ideas that might be worth troubleshooting :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad English.
I have already did whatever you said.
There is something wrong with the new version (early access) of vital V.1.5.5. It makes my daw crash whevever i open Vital vst in my DAW. And yes, the old version does works fine.
v.1.5.5 that works

This is version 1.0.7 that works

i recently did a reinstall of my linux system and i have the ‘vital crash on close’ issue on both the clap and vst3i version. but i’m on reaper and there’s an option to specify ‘run as separate process’ or ‘dedicated process’ and that’s the only way it will work for me. does FL studio have any such controls?

I don’t find any such controls in FL Studio.


It’s called “Make bridged”


But yeah its not possible to do that.
For that the vital vst must be opened and my DAW crashs immediately whenever i open Vital vst.

Just for fun, can you load Vital in Patcher ? add a patcher instrument and try to load vital in that ?

Yeah, It gets loaded into patcher safely. But when i double click on it, It gets crashed.


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When you load Vital into Patcher, can you hear sound when playing on keyboard / piano roll before it crashes when you click on it? If yes, maybe something goes wrong when trying to load the UI.

I am sure that it has to do with this :

Graphics - switched from OpenGL to DirectX11 on Windows

He changed this in 1.5.1 and a lot/some people have problems with that.

  • From Start, type dxdiag in the Search box, and then press enter.
  • Tap or click on dxdiag from the results.
  • Check DirectX Version on the first page of the report in the System Information section.

@ajay.chordline777 What version do you have ? Can you update ?

Yes, I can hear sound when playing on keyboard before i open the UI.

I have DirectX11. I have not much knowledge about OpenGL, DirectX and graphic cards, etc.

I would go back to Vital 1.0.7/1.0.8 for windows and just enjoy having a working version.
And now and then look if there is an update here for Vital.
Messing with a working Windows system just to try to get Vital 1.5 and up to open should not be necessary.
And when you eventually buy a new computer, V1.5 will probably just work right out of the box.

Yeah, The old version is fine for me. I’ll use it.

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