It would be great if you could draw LFOs like you can draw waveforms in the WT editor

You could still have the option to click points like you can at the moment, but you could toggle draw mode with an infinite resolution (not literally but you know what I mean).

Step draw at the moment is okay, it’s not smooth enough and detailed enough to make some complex curved shape with ease.

i guess for now you could just try the smoothing algo that’s built in to the lfos, but later it might be cool to have a pencil mode. i think lfos should be directly routable as little oscillators in their own right. can kind of almost already do that but i guess theyre not as precise as the wavetable. but if each lfo had the same engine as the wavetables, then even the lfos would be able to morph like wavetables which would be cool. and an easter egg option to route the lfo direct to DC to the audio summing, which could be dangerous and crazy.

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