It doesn't work vital on saved projects. How to solve it?

I just opened a project where I use the Vital Plugin but nothing sounds, that is: the plugin shows its animations on the screen as if it were working correctly when it plays the melodies set to “Paino Roll” but nothing is really heard.

This project that I am mentioning I did some time ago but it turns out that just now I created another project to see if this error was only due to the old file (because I thought it could be damaged) but in the new project that I just created it happens exactly the same, when I press a key it animates as if the plugin worked correctly but nothing is heard!

How can I solve this error? Aid! I need to recover my completed projects!!! D:

If Vital is showing audio output there, it’s probably an issue with your FL project and not with Vital.

Or could be some sound card settings.

I do not know what’s happening. When I open the Plugin if they work:

but when I open a project that has or has used this plugin, the plugin does not work correctly, what I mentioned earlier in the comment happens (as you can see in the three previous screenshots).

If Vital shows audio there in the top right, it’s sending audio out. I would check mixer settings, etc in your FL project because the problem does not look like it’s coming from Vital.

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