Issue with vital sounds playing when they aren't supposed to

I’m using Vital in GarageBand on an M1 iMac. I have multiple synth sounds that I’ve created and recorded tracks for, and when I’m moving around the song and playing from different points, the vital sounds will sometimes play a sustained note when they aren’t supposed to and will continue playing until they hit an actual sequenced section for that track. Does anyone have a fix for this? I hope that makes sense. It’s driving me insane.

It sounds like a stuck note caused by Vital receiving a note on message but not receiving a note off message.

I don’t own a Mac so don’t use GarageBand but is there a native M1 version of Vital or do you need to run it in Rosetta?

As for a fix it could be an issue with the Mac version of Vital or it could be an issue with GarageBand or the particular project.

Does this happen in every project even a new one with just Vital loaded?

Thanks for the reply. It seems to happen on every project. I’m not sure if there’s a native M1 version of vital. I guess the next step is to uninstall it and reinstall it and see if that helps.

Again I don’t own a Mac but from what I have read you either need to run a native M1 version of a plugin or run it in Rosetta?