Is Vital subscription based

I downloaded the free version of Vital today and I am quite impressed. I am curious if the Plus and Pro versions are one off purchases, or subscription based? Thanks

Plus and Pro are single payments, not recurring.

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

Just downloaded Vital too, and am very impressed with it so far. The subscription, is that a subscription that goes on forever or is it like the Serum one where you pay a monthly fee, and once you reached the full amount of the direct purchase amount the synth is yours?:blush:

You get subscriber-only packs and credit ($5) on store every month. You can use the credit to upgrade to Plus/Pro whenever you want for the difference.

You can also use this credit for other packs on the store instead so it won’t auto upgrade and cancel if you’re wondering that.

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Thanks! :pray::+1: