Is Vital considered AI voice?

Hey there,

I work at a game studio - we’ve seen other studios come under fire for using AI voice generators, but seeming as Vital is Text-to-Wavetable could it be argued reasonably?

I presume the answer is no, given the following (scraped from Wikipedia and tech sites):

Strong AI

  • machine learning
  • deep learning/neural networks
  • autonomous

Weak AI (Siri would be a contentious example)

  • imitate physical behaviours that it can observe
  • solve one problem at a time
  • only narrow implementation of mind/neural network

Is Vital considered AI voice?

Not at all. Vital is a music instrument.

seeming as Vital is Text-to-Wavetable

The text-to-speech wavetable generator is an optional ancillary feature of Vital. Vital can fully be used without it.

The optional text-to-speech generation is performed online by an unspecified third-party service, using an unspecified algorithm.

hey Adrien, thanks - I suppose the answer then depends on whether there is any ability of that algorithm to perform any problem solving, whether its ability to use a pre-set accent and pronunciation to create text is in any limited way dynamic or otherwise intelligent.

The service renders one text string to audio. Its only parameter is the text language (English, French, etc.). Not even male or female. There is no dynamism, no intelligence, no problem solving. It is a plain old text-to-speech algorithm.